Food Services
Open for collection/delivery

Opening hours:

Open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday this week and collection can be done between 3pm-5pm each day

Notice from the team:

No notice yet.

Hi guys, thank you for your patience today with Just Eat and Deliveroo. We had a few teething problems with Just Eat being our first day and their admin kept cancelling orders then repeating them which caused a few headaches. We’re going to stick with then and hope it works itself out. We have however, after how mental it was today, decided to open every other day. I know you’re all desperate for your cheese fix but there’s only 3 of us now and trying to operate as if the world is still normal, which it isn’t. I love my customers but I love my staff more and like everyone else we’re a bit delicate just now. I hope you can all appreciate that and look forward to seeing you again.